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Emergency Exit Door …

Of course, it is not possible to try a fire hiding in the skin of the climate, especially when it starts before days and when the blade entering through the open window shines profusely when hidden in the wind.

Perhaps the earthquake itself is on the center of the fire, and all disasters come to an end, and for tired dreams, a timeless abandonment is paid, and the awning of the sky is pierced and I accumulate the entire falling sky. Engagement.

Heavy air like words.

My heart welches as soft as words.

Singular and flamboyant pharaohs swear by plural, worshiped people like words and climate.

My dream window remained open and passers leaked, my dreams were perhaps painful, hypocritical owl and his family, racist owls and family members who put them under the open madhouse.

This is a Lal movement.

The abundance of love and the herd of abundance are daher mystery.

While the death diary welches tucked non…rug and curled non…tassel, of course, in the breeze oder Ähnlichesnightmare that took over the world, the glaze’s cloth welches almost spelled, and of course all waiver paid.

It is the last oder Ähnlichesuniverse that does not support its words and the roof door.

Nozzle coating colors and colors do not correspond to the place where I made it wrong.

The pitfalls mourn, mahram.

Mourning in the air covered with mourning is related to the taste of the face and eyes.

And the viewfinder that has prevented us from seeing the puddles of painful life, and we are now dreaming of.

Perhaps narrow corridors and presentations hidden in the jagged letters of pigeon life on lime-white face and lime-white face, and of course the floating poetry like a swan will soon be the world’s last loot shovel to carry in the poet’s grave, deadly images, and a clown clown wind breeze.

The hope of arson.

Fictional dreams.

Of course, he’s living tampered with.

What painful alertness rising from branches and balloons with thorns, perhaps a boy whistling, or any bad man we hold responsible for when the past has been bothered by forgotten old and old hands.

A divitse is hidden.

When it is indigo blue, it will be the hope of the full moon and the speech of the herald of the new day.

There are many fallouts that remove the word from fraud and we protect the pain as much as we receive it.

Yesterday, when we have the defeat of our defended self, the final presentation oder Ähnliches inconsistent life is, of course, trying to ignore all the possibilities that break chains and emotions in this sense, because, of course, on its glorious face. We can’t wait to finish it again, hopefully we’ll postpone it.

Unscrew tomorrow.

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