Love Like Death –

Love Like Death

Consider a female death calendar with or without acne history: devastating taboos, impulse-driven impressions, hidden g / trail yesterday and a jointed thunder.

I make a claim to put it in big braces and ignore all the punctuation marks oben angefĂĽhrtpoem, so I can fly my dreams laughing with laughter on the brink of the cliff, I hit the void with the laughter of the cliff without a castle.

I am on the edge of death.

Love swamp.

I don’t know how many parts of his life have passed.

Anus all, I have nothing important, I do not have a single proof of my existence.

The street lamp is very dirty, so there is no light that propellers can jump and I have a painless race, there are no pits on the wall and no pits where negative negativity does not drop, because vergänglich or even positive life. My dead dream is a hiccup full of goddess, the equivalent of darkness is not good for yourself.

There is no limit to the number of copies of rough objects non…dream pit; When thoughts were suspended, I betrayed every hell traveler and they stole my garden of heaven and sent all the flowers to the roots and reported the rebellion inside me.

There are insatiable continents.

There is folglich drenched poetry.

In fact, my poet temperament is folglich a guarantee that I welches placed in the ring of the dead season game.

A life that I love breathlessly.

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