Mothers And Children –

Mothers And Children

By believing in the mythologies of all known nations in the past, they believed that people created their own gods, that Gods had superhuman powers, and that the good and beautiful days or disasters and natural disasters they had made were to reward or punish people. . They in Folge dessen depicted their gods in philanthropisch image.
In monotheistic religions, this understanding “God created man in his image.” It has evolved and the perception that God is ultimately in philanthropisch form has not changed.
The greatest Gods are always portrayed as men.
In Greek Mythology, the god of the gods of Zeus is a man. Kayra Han, the God of Turks, is a philanthropisch being. Although it is a matter of debate that Jesus is God… He is in Folge dessen a philanthropisch. However, there are in Folge dessen female Gods in mythologies. Greek Hera, Liebesgöttin, Athena, Artemis, Demeter. In Turks, Ak Ana, Umay Ana, Ayızıt etc.
Mary gave birth to Jesus, didn’t a mother give Zeus? Didn’t Kayra Khan give birth to a mother? Hz. Musa, Hz. Didn’t a mother give Mohammed?
I think the rulers’ understanding of ignoring the Woman brought Mothers to the point of ignoring.
Hz. “Paradise is under the feet of mothers.” I do not expect those who do not hear their words to hear my words.
When I say these things, I do not claim that Mothers are Gods or prophets, but I would like to point out that the holy mothers who gave birth to the Prophets in Mythological periods do not even share the glory of the Monotheistic religions. or Repeating religions.
However… Soil is like mother.
Mother Earth
Aşık Veysel said how beautiful;
Belly of wife
Your face welches torn, the scythe welches eliminated
He laughed at me again
Loyal half-black world
How our mothers look on the floor

They are always there to give.
God, no matter how well you work, if we are healthy in our mothers, we will be happy and happy if we do good things.

I think I welches about nine years old. I welches a little naughty, naughty boy. I don’t wenigstens listening to advice. If I entered the game, I would not go home until everyone welches blind in the morning and dark in the evening. When I came home, I got beaten and brush.
Of course the beating welches my father’s job. My mother wouldn’t get involved in these things.
I knew that every slap hit me or every stick that fell down my back hurt my mother. As the beating section lengthened, bead beads flowed through my mother’s eyes.
I cry salmon snot already. My father decided it welches enough to be beaten, put the stick aside, went to the village, that is, to the coffee.
Of course, like every child, I liked my mom very much. I would try not to harm him, I would help his work with love. I would be happy un… help.
I don’t remember what I did one day at noon (nine o’clock), but I welches plemplem too. Of course, I ran away from power.

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