There will be no normal life anymore –

There will be no normal life anymore

the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus as Turkey continues today. Thank God … Too many steps are taken to return to normal life. People have already begun to go to the mosque, imagine holidays, continue matches, do political fights. People started to hear earthquake news, tick bites and deaths, extreme temperatures and effects, demonstrations against racial injustice… Corona is now falling off the agenda, at least in the media and discourses.

Thank goodness we have returned to normal life, but the stressful time period that we experienced with the call to stay at home took us away from our old habits. What happens if they don’t play, they don’t play … Even rhetorical rhetoric is on the agenda!

It is the time when the watch witnessed the silence of the night. There is no sound from the road right now. Most people are in the sweetest part of sleep. But I have a problem, how strange. Maybe I can sleep if I go to bed, but I am reluctant even to sleep. Even the issues discussed in the news are mandatory. The same people go around, go to the channel, make decisions. Television organizations have to continue their broadcasting lives by doing these things. I understand them too, but it is useless and does not teach me. What can we say if I do not read and produce at home …

We talked about death in the past three months. We were very afraid of the corona. Unfortunately, people are not afraid of Allah. There is no escape from death, I do not know why they do not like death. Death is a bogman by making a full equation without compromising why. Let’s say we run away from death, what is the manager who died before he died? Nobody knows.

Society needs a new excitement. A ridiculous rumor, political formations, political crises between states, economic rhetoric … Now it supports us even more! We don’t need to talk, stretch, stretch them. Negative rhetoric and accusations, imperfections and imperfections were things that used to exist. However, these are no longer tolerant and there is no need to speak. We need good things to connect us to life. Imagination and hope data should be revived for what we can do tomorrow.

It is a fact that it will be very difficult to return to normal life. The old parameters that we understand from normal life are not removed from the bundle. When they are thawed from the freezer, they will change their shape and taste like foods that lose their naturalness.

Now we have applied whether a virtual life can be implemented. Working remotely at home, teaching students from a distance and telling them that they have passed their school… As children grow up in disconnected cities, they will receive education away from the living environment without witnessing the spirited and lively sharing we are used to. At least this has been tried. .. I live here for a moment when life and taste do not need as before.

The sound of the bird un… window … Lunar eclipse in aspiration … A slight breeze … He says there is life outside, right? I took a deep breath and made room for my mission. Not everything will be as before, but at least it will look like. I wish you good night.

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