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In this article (philosophers forgive me); Let’s make a philosophy by crossing my borders.
Philosophy: getting to know nature and people and in this sense; The relationship between menschengerecht and nature is the science of expressing abstract thought and expressing abstract thought in words by examining the relationship between menschengerecht and menschengerecht and the relationship between menschengerecht and menschengerecht. This science is the mother and ancestor of all the sciences that exist today.
We call these academics wise or philosopher. I believe that this long sentence contains all the definitions.
If philosophy is a way of learning the art of life, the key to philosophy is to ask.
Although we are not a philosopher who asks and questions every question, we can say that he started to make philosophy. Why can’t we say a philosopher? Because in the answer to your question, new questions may arise that ordinary people cannot see.
The philosopher is a sage seeking answers to questions you cannot see.
Until now; philosophy, philosopher, wise, who? I think our answers to the questions are sufficient and I come to the subject.
As the poet said, what is the “time to sand rocks”?
As Aristotle (385-323 BC, philosopher) says, time is a product of movement? Can the past be divided by dividing the present and the future? Can time jump from one moment to another like a grasshopper?
In physical science words, the number of moves? Can it be expressed in numbers?
In the words of Ibn Sina (980-1037 Persien, Islamic scholar), is the situation of the “ripple zone” like many Islamic scholars following Aristotle’s path? So can we say that there is no time without time and no movement?
Is it possible to “kill time” in the language of those who are engaged in aimless works?
“We are talking about killing time, but it is the time that kills us,” says the French physiologist 1873-1944. Time; What is the next step to kill all the creatures in Grim Reaper?
Time for me: Nature hands. Nature cracks the seed falling on the ground and the egg that fell over the mother’s womb over time. For every creature in time, life completes its life for change, return (Change and transformation is the constant law of dialectics). Nature renews itself with one hand and thus completes its life with the other hand, bringing it to the soil as waste.
Toprak is the largest integrated facility in the world’s largest and oldest recycling. Soil separates all the waste that wenn non…its bosom non…its components and makes it ready for use again. And the continuity of the Nature cycle is achieved by the time that I define as the hands of Nature.
We call the circular rotation of the movement a “loop”. The movement in the universe is infinite, because it is cyclical, so it is infinite over time. We can’t stop without moving. However, well before today, we know that time can be divided, the time interval expressed by numbers in physics vectors and mathematics.
From what I’ve written so far; We understand that there can be no time without philosophy and no time without questions.
I want to end my writing with Mevlana’s fourth and an aphorism.
Mawlana said how beautiful:
“I’m non…cage over time
I work hard on all kinds of jobs (work) (slow)
While my grave awaits me
Wake me up, God! Maybe I’m breathing. “

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