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Ur Mothers’ Admission Days

Today we will take a short tour with you in the past. It was years ago. It was time for our mothers to prepare a round scoreboard. I want to talk to you about the reception days of women, many of whom have died. What I will tell future generations is the culture of an era. If it is not passed on from generation to generation, the past is lost. However, everyone should know their history.
If I start talking about ancestors and craving at the same time, it means that I am old. I agree, but I’m one of those who like to age. Today, I would like to tell you one of the special days that my elderly, peers, and those aged 10-15 will remember very well. Let me say without worry: one of the days our mothers have accepted …
My guess was that it was invented by our women in ancient times – forget about the mobile phone – when there is no phone at home and it is very difficult to communicate. In summary, let me say that there is a regular, systematic tour score among friends and relatives about which day they will wait for their guests. Who said women don’t have inventions! What if we want! There was a saying from my sister Nedim Sipahi to my mother and Kifayet Yengeme: “They said that women had a wedding in the sky. Hearing this, women put a ladder to the sky. “

So how are these days determined? Let me write the day of acceptance I witnessed. They would take the marriage as the day of acceptance of the month. My family got married on April 6. Therefore, my mother’s day of acceptance was six months each month. My aunt Fahriye Esmer does not know which bear, but she married at the age of five. The acceptance day is the fifth day of each month. Nermin Cikla was my aunt’s seven days. Because Yengem Emine Sipahi got married on 21 June, the 21st day of each month was the day of acceptance. It seemed very funny to me at that time… My aunt, aunt, my aunt, my aunt at six, my aunt at seven, my aunt, my aunt Nermin… This cycle would continue. Admission days begin at the end of October and end at the end of May. Like schools, opening and closing were also determined.

On the other hand, working women shared Saturdays, such as the first Saturday and last Saturday of each month. I think women who are illiterate were recording because it is a bit difficult to calculate. The memories of many of them were so bright that they would not need a notebook.

If the day of acceptance falls on Sunday, it is automatically postponed to Monday. When postponed, it can sometimes coincide with friends’ days. For example, my aunt’s reception day is five, my mother’s six… If five of the month coincides with the market, my mother and aunt could not go to my aunt or mother because the days of admission for that month coincided. Vuslat would stay next month. Sometimes if my mother’s day coincided with the market, Nermin would coincide with my aunt’s day.

Women were about to fill up all day. These beautiful mothers who finished their housework until noon and cook their meals were dressed and equipped according to their vehicles. They also applied makeup, but they were not as if they fell into the artist’s cube. Lipstick, maybe some powder and eyeliner … They were so beautiful that I don’t even need a makeup! Many would have knitted or lace bags. While chatting, they knit their braids and embroidered their lace or embroidery. Our neighbor Tenzile would make beautiful dowry tablecloths for her dowry. I was going to admire her talented hands. Master ladies would buy lace, embroidery, cake recipes from each other. They wrote these in detail in their little notebooks. Sometimes jealous ladies are missing the recipe so that others’ cakes are not as successful as theirs. Solid day followers should go to several entry days on the same day. Aunt Borlu Tayyibe loved being one of our late neighbors. It was very cheerful, fun, and full of life. “Come on, whatever you offer, two more days from here!” says. The ladies laughed.

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